Services & Solutions

Our range of services:

The services and activities outlined here are indicative of the work we undertake and include the following:
  • Legal Compliance

    Through a detailed understanding of the means and mechanisms by which accidents and incidents are investigated by authorities, we are able to assist in determining the level of statutory compliance to be both reached and maintained, as required by the following Acts:

    • • Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993);
    • • Mine Health and Safety Act (29 of 1996); and
    • • National Environmental Management Act (107 of 1998).

  • Occupational Health Risk Assessments

    We can assist with the following Occupational Health Risk Assessments:

    • • Baseline Risk Assessments (which forms the corner stone of the occupational health environment);
    • • Issue Based Risk Assessments; and
    • • Continuous Risk Assessments.

  • Surveys and assessments

    We specialise in the following surveys and assessments:

    • • Illumination assessments (plant and vehicle illumination);
    • • Noise assessments (including a hearing conservation programme);
    • • Indoor air quality assessments;
    • • Extraction ventilation assessments;
    • • Vibration assessments (hand-arm & whole-body vibration);
    • • Thermal assessments (heat and cold stress);
    • • Dust monitoring;
    • • Gas monitoring;
    • • Vapour monitoring;
    • • Asbestos monitoring;
    • • Lead monitoring; and
    • • Silica monitoring.

  • DMR Reports & COP's

    ASOH Consulting (Pty) Ltd specializes in the following Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) reporting:

    • • Airborne pollutants – Particulates personal exposure report;
    • • Airborne pollutants – gases and vapours personal exposure report;
    • • Heat stress exposure report;
    • • Cold stress exposure report;
    • • Personal noise exposure report;


    Furthermore, ASOH Consulting (Pty) Ltd specializes in the following codes of practices (COP’s):

    • • Airborne pollutants (particulates, gases and vapours);
    • • Noise exposure;
    • • Flammable gases;
    • • Thermal stress (heat and cold stress);
    • • Fatigue Management;
    • • Emergency Preparedness;
    • • Mine residue deposits; and
    • • Minimum standards of fitness to work.

  • OHSE Management System

    Design and delivery of an integrated Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (OHSE) management system

    ASOH Consulting (Pty) Ltd produces workable, effective systems, programmes and processes including strategic OHSE audits.

  • Contractor accreditation (Safety Files)

    Much can be gained by accrediting all contractors and suppliers to an acceptable OHSE standard and ASOH Consulting (Pty) Ltd oversees and assists contractors to achieve the required accreditation.

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